to receive meeting announcements. CVGP members who make a
voluntary contribution of $15 or more to the club will receive a laminated
membership card thanking them for their contribution.
This helps cover the cost of any club expenses such
as phone calls, postage, outing related expenses,
office supplies, etc. We raise money by holding raffles,
50/50 chances, selling or auctioning donated
prospecting items, receiving donations (of either time
or money), etc. Your support of any of these fund
raising activities (or contribution of your talents or
resources) would not only be appreciated by all of the
members but ultimately will benefit all members in reaching our common
goals for this club.
CVGP is a non-profit group
promoting the hobby/recreation of
Gold Prospecting, and making it
more enjoyable and rewarding for
those already involved.
CVGP is a non-profit organization
and there are no dues required to
participate in CVGP activities and